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Tell us more about your company. What is the history of your company, what do you sell? This will be displayed on your storefront.
GemCrowd recommends that vendors create a description of their company at least 400 characters long.

Minerals / Rocks
Designer Jewelry (One-of-a-kind)
Crystals & Mineral Specimens
Meteorite & Tektites
Rare Specimens
Rough/Polished Material
Gemstone Decor
Stone Tiles & Slabs
Findings & Mountings
Displays & Packaging
Industry Tools & Machinery

B2B - Wholesale Business to Business
B2C - Retail Business to Consumer

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Shipping and Returns

What is a Return Policy?

A Return Policy is the agreement where you inform Buyers about your policies regarding returns and refunds.

Here are some things you should include in your returns policy on GemCrowd if you offer returns or refunds:

  • How many days they have to return a product
  • How will they receive the refund (credit or replacement)
  • If you offer refunds for digital products or in-app purchases
  • Who pays for shipping to return the product
  • Whether you offer returns for customized orders


What is a Shipping Policy?

A Shipping Policy is how you let your customers know important details about how you ship your products to them including how much they can expect to pay for shipping and how long it will take for products to be shipped. GemCrowd requires that all Vendors have a clear shipping policy.

Here are some things you should include in your shipping policy on GemCrowd:

  • What shipping options are available (overnight, standard, air mail, international, domestic only, etc.)
  • How much each shipping method will cost the Buyer
  • How long each shipping method will typically take
  • How long your handling time will be between when an order is placed and when it gets shipped
  • If orders must be placed before a specific time to be counted as placed during that business day
  • Any restrictions to where you can deliver (no P.O. boxes, not to specific states, etc.
  • Anything else that would be material to a customer when placing an order.

Other Policies

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